When:  December 7, 2012

Where: The Westin Chicago River North, 320 North Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois  60654 Tel. (312) 744-1900

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Topis Covered:

· Illinois Update – Recent Developments in Banking Law and Litigation. New Illinois versions of SCRA and HOEPA, more Power of Attorney Act changes, still broiling mechanics lien issues, foreclosures, voidable mortgages, eminent domain, debtors prisons, new trust laws, a Dodd-Frank update, Basel III, major court decisions, and as always, much more!

· Regulatory Roundtable. Senior representatives from the regulators – the FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and IDFPR Division of Banking – discuss their latest “hot button” legal issues. Not to be missed!

· CFPB Redux – The Year Behind and Looking Ahead. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has grown tenfold in the past year, adding hundreds of employees (and counting), transferring rules, publishing studies, producing thousands of pages of proposed new rules, tagging along on exams, beginning its own exams and diving into enforcement actions. How will your clients – large and small – handle CFPB inquiries and keep pace with the torrent of regulations that will be adopted next year? Learn about the CFPB’s infrastructure, culture, upcoming rules and its plans for the banking industry’s future!

· Heady Times for High Tech Banking – And New Client Headaches. From online banking to mobile banking to mobile payments to remote deposits to third party apps to social networks to cloud computing . . . there’s a river running through your clients. Sooner or later every bank jumps on the next boat – but what about the legal risks? Data mining, phishing, viruses, malicious applications, carelessly saved information, misdirected communications, and what of vulnerabilities yet to be discovered? How can you help your bank clients deploy emerging technologies while meeting regulatory expectations and minimizing their liability?

· Commercial Lending Update – The Latest in State & Federal Court Decisions. Courts are still scrutinizing commercial lending in striking detail. New lender liability theories, cracks in the Credit Agreements Act, tolling the statute of limitations on negotiable instruments, title insurer liability for not disclosing judgments, creditors’ liens on unrecorded contracts, and more! Plus nominations for worst decisions of the year! · Consumer Banking Law Update – Reprise or Revolution? The latest in lawsuits, court opinions and regulatory enforcement actions covering disclosures, UDAAP, fair lending, third party service providers, arbitration, overdrafts, mortgage lending, privacy, data security . . . . These are a few of our ongoing themes, and they keep on going . . . and growing!