Our Firm

Bob Levin and Joe Ginsburg founded Levin Ginsburg in 1979.  The goal then – as now – was to create a law firm environment for lawyers and staff who want to work in substantive legal areas and serve as trusted business advisors, in matters consistent with Our Philosophy.

“From the day we started the firm, Bob and I had exactly the same philosophy. Our firm was in the business of serving clients, not just handling matters. This is an important distinction. Providing value to our clients means not only looking at the legal issues, but also understanding their needs and how to resolve legal issues in a way that serves their business goals,” says Joe.

“It’s true – the best way to serve our clients is to understand what they really want to accomplish and the risks they can accept along the way. That’s why we probe our clients to understand their unique situation, their goals and their needs. That information helps us achieve the results they want,” says Bob.

Both Joe and Bob agree that two companies facing similar legal problems may need different legal results to accomplish their respective business goals. “Seeking the right result for them requires that we understand what the ultimate resolution means to them,” says Bob.

This approach – to understand the clients and their needs – is part of the culture at Levin Ginsburg. “We work hard to share this philosophy with our colleagues at the firm. We feel it is imperative to understand this way of lawyering, this way of serving the client, to be successful at Levin Ginsburg,” says Joe.


"We've worked with Levin Ginsburg since the 1980s...we have grown with them and have a very high level of comfort and confidence with this firm." Jay Nichols, President,
Badger Murphy
"Astute, responsive and practical. Those are three reasons why we work with Levin Ginsburg." Bryan L. Oyster, V.P. and General Manager,
Bentley Forbes