LawGram Volume 14, No.2

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Business Continuity Planning: Who Will be the Next Leader of Your Business?

 By: Morris R. Saunders

One day either you will decide, or have it decided for you, that you will no longer lead your closely held business.  Have you given any thought as to who the next leader will be?  Will it be a key employee who is not an owner?  Will it be a family member who is not associated with the business?  Will it be a family member who is associated with the business?  Will it be an outsider?


The Legal Side of Catered Affairs

By: Jonathan M. Weis

The U.S. catering industry generates over $5 billion in revenue a year.  Most of the sales are generated through off-site events, such as weddings, business functions, bar and bat mitzvahs and holiday parties.  There are numerous legal issues an operator needs to consider in the business of off-site catering.  In addition to focusing on excellent customer service, responsiveness and producing an excellent product, you also want to be sure to take care of the legalities (some unique to catering and some not) of owning and operating a catering business.  The purpose of this article is to highlight certain of the legal issues on which catering companies should focus in order to be successful.



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