It is now easier than ever to keep your corporation and limited liability company in good standing in Illinois. If LG is your Illinois registered agent and your company qualifies for electronic filing of annual reports with the Illinois Secretary of State (ISOS), then about 60 days before your corporation or limited liability company’s annual report is due to be filed with the ISOS you can receive an email from LG. The email would contain information required to be contained in an electronically filed annual report along with LG’s invoice for the applicable Illinois filing fees and LG’s fees. In order to file electronically, all you would need to do is to review the information, and accept and email to LG your confirmation of the accuracy of the information.

Once LG has received your acceptance email, LG can file the annual report electronically with the ISOS. Benefits of electronic filing include maintaining your company’s good standing in Illinois, and avoiding delays typically experienced in the ISOS’s office in order to achieve good standing certificates, unnecessary potential personal liability, the hassle and stress of paperwork and filing deadlines. Please contact LG for more information about Annual Report E-Filing.


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