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LawGram Volume 19, No. 2

Table of Contents


Real Estate Tax Considerations for Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

By: Jeffrey M. Galkin

Since real estate taxes are always due after the period to which they relate (e.g. taxes for 2019 are not due until 2020) every real estate purchase and sale agreement contains a provision governing the proration of real estate taxes between the parties for pre-closing and post-closing periods.


Can Your Business Adopt a Tradename that Others May Deem “Offensive”?

By: Natalie A. Remien

The answer may very well be a resounding, “Yes,” insofar as it relates to trade names and trademarks  Recently, the United States Supreme Court in Ioncu v. Brunetti ruled that a business could brand (and register)  its line of clothing and accessories using the name, “FUCT”, a name that certainly the USPTO in the past would have rejected.


Lenders, Beware! The Return of the Decade Old Foreclosure

By: Roenan Patt

What is a bank to do when a former owner challenges a foreclosure proceeding based on the Court’s lack of personal jurisdiction nearly a decade after a judgment of foreclosure was entered and a foreclosed property sold at sheriff’s sale?  In Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Sedys, the Second District Appellate Court handled this particular issue.


Illinois Amended Equal Pay Act, Requiring Immediate Changes to Hiring Practices

By: Walker R. Lawrence

Governor Pritzker signed into law on July 31, 2019 significant changes to the Equal Pay Act that will require all employers to reevaluate their hiring practices and policies. These changes go into effect on September 29, 2019.